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At any time since the Canon 5D Mk II revolution back in 2008, DSLRs have taken the video production business by storm. They have altered video cameras as we know them. Back again in 2008, any kind of higher high quality affordable Hd video production gear would have price you thousands, and with these sky high prices, becoming a videographer in numerous cases was far much more about getting the costly kit than having the right all-natural talent.

The Canon 5D Mk II altered this forever - at about £2300 it was excellent worth for money alongside with its comparatively massive sensor bringing never seen prior to levels of reduced mild sensitivity and image quality. With Vincent Laforet showcasing the amazing video production high quality correct from launch, it received many videographers very excited about this incredible new digital camera. Soon everyone was making movies with this new camera. By utilizing their current collection of Canon EF lenses, the results had been spectacular, bringing video image quality to a entire new degree.

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But this was not to say the 5D Mk II was not with out its downfalls: getting been designed as a stills camera with video production ability mixed, it lacked many of the conventional video camera connectivity and ergonomic features which so many individuals loved. With time, function arounds were created and new products had been introduced specifically for this new breed of DSLR. However, fairly poor ergonomics have always been 1 of the biggest downfalls of video in DSLRs.