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Even the best athletes in the world sometimes find it difficult to stay on the straight and narrow with fitness motivation. The early enthusiasm can start to wane and what was once a glorious objective is threatening to become a real drudge. These 5 tips from Workout Quotes will help you to keep up your fitness motivation and keep on track to reach your goals.

1. Have a goal in mind Once you’ve started your fitness regime make sure you have a clear goal and objective to aim for. Know what you want to accomplish and make a realistic and achievable plan and stick with it. Use daily reminders to keep you on point. You can use various methods for this, write it on a post-it and stick it on your fridge, use a to do list mobile phone application, put it in your diary or a workout log and look at it every day and it will help to keep you focused. Some people pin up images of celebrity physiques on mirrors at home together with motivational workout quotes for inspiration.

2. Do it with a friend Sharing your workout regime with a friend or partner is also a great way to keep up and maintain fitness motivation. If going to the gym is not an option then get a friend to join you on your activities and make up a daily/weekly routine. That way you won’t be as inclined to make excuses such as “I’ll give it a miss today” or “I’m feeling too bit tired” because your friend is depending you.

3. Check your progress After a few weeks of your fitness routine have passed. Check your progress to see how you have improved. Seeing results can often be the best fitness motivator. Review your workout plan and see how well you’re performing. Adjust your exercise list and make any necessary changes such as increasing rep count etc. This is really a great booster to know that you’re getting fitter and keeps you on track.

4. Vary your routines In order to stay motivated it is crucial that your workouts do not become boring. You need to have a few different activities to do and alternate them every few weeks. For example if you have arms and back on Monday, legs on Wednesday, core and aerobic workout on Friday. You can switch up the order in which you perform exercises. That way things won’t get too repetitive.

5. Enjoy Yourself Keeping a positive mind set is vital to success. Workout Quotes has plenty of motivational workout quotes to keep you entertained. Share your achievements on social networks and be proud of your results. Listening to your favourite tunes while you exercise can really help you get pumped and maximise your workout and is great for fitness motivation.

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