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You have decided to hire a limousine for your special trip! Everyone is excited by the prospect of sitting in a luxurious car and enjoying the professional service of a licensed driver. But before you start dreaming about the perfect night in the dazzling car, let's do some reality check: Have you rented your limousine yet? If your answer is "No," then you have some work to do because selecting the "right" limousine rental company is more than a call away. To save you the heartache of hiring an illegitimate rental limousine service and feeling totally cheated, here are 5 tips to help you choose a quality limousine rental company:

Tip #1: Get references No company is going to say anything bad about its services. If you want to know whether the service of a limousine company accurately reflects its promises, you need to ask the customers and hear them out. Talk to friends and family who have done business with the company before. Ask for referrals from trusted individuals. Check the company's online ratings. Do your research and narrow your choices.

Tip #2: Check the qualification of the limousine rental company In most states, a legitimate limousine rental company is required by law to have some kinds of special business and driver's license. Go on Google and check the regulations in your area. Know the required documents for your state and see if your limousine rental company is registered with the state and has purchased legitimate business insurance. (For examples, click here to see licensing requirements for California State and New York City. Notice all of these are government sites with .gov at the end of the address.)

Tip #3: Call the company for a quote Once you have identified your potential limousine rental companies, it is time to get a quote. Calling is your best option because getting a quote over the phone will not only save you the time of waiting for a response, but also gives you an honest impression of the company's customer service. If you receive a nasty customer service over the phone, do not expect to get a great customer service in the limousine. Cross that company off your list and move on.

Tip #4: Visit the limousine rental office in person After finishing your phone interview with various limousine rental companies, set a time to visit the limousine rental offices. You may be surprised that some limousine rental companies may start trying to talk you off the idea. This raises a red flag. After all, why would any company be uncomfortable for an in-person visit unless they have something to hide? When you visit the office, ask for proofs of insurance and other documentations. Most states require a limousine driver to have a valid chauffeur's license and must be able to show you their driving record.

Tip #5: Inspect the limousine and ask for a test drive Check the limousine. Look inside and poke around. Is the limousine clean? Are the AC/heater working? Ask for a test drive. Do the gears shift smoothly? Can you hear any clanking noises from the engine?

Next... If no red flags have been raised and you are satisfied with the service of the limousine rental company, then it's time to settle down and make your reservation. Read through your contract and understand all policies in regards to deposits, cancellation, and so forth. Keep a copy of all sales documents and receipts. Sign the contract, go home, and start planning for your attire. You are going to have a blast!

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