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Many brides and grooms wonder whether they should have a photo booth at their wedding. Some might argue that cell phones have cameras these days, so why would they need a wedding photo booth? While others just don’t see the value in it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that photo booth rental offer a lot more than just silly photos & here are 5 reasons why :

1- A big Thank You!

Your friends & family have decided to come to your wedding. They wanted to share with you that special day. Because you mean a lot to them. Some had to travel thousands of miles to come & many have even given you generous gifts to show you how much you mean to them and to help you start your new life together as husband & wife. So a good and fun way of appreciation would be to give them a gift to enjoy for the night. (Besides the bar of course!)

2- Fun Fun Fun!

Just imagine al the fun friends & family are going to have while using the photo booth. You might even see a side of your 80 year old grandma that you’ve never knew existed. And who said fun must belong only to the guests? You, as well can have your share. After a long day of staged photo shoots, just pick some wacky props, & strike a silly pose. Then when you’re done, just walk away pretending to be normal again!

3- Party Favours

Instant photo booth photos make excellent, inexpensive party favours, where guests take home a great & fun keepsake from your wedding that has been pre-customized with your names & wedding date & then personalized with the guests pictures, (that’s 2 in 1). And you can rest assured that this is the type of party favours that will never end up in a Salvation Army donation bag.

4-Create some memories!

We all know that most guests will come & enjoy your wedding & have a great time. But you don’t want that memory to end by the end of the night. Because people will forget all about the expensive meals and drinks they had at the wedding by the next day the latest. But they for sure won’t forget about their fun & special experience they had at the photobooth especially that they’ve got a souvenir photo strip from the wedding that’s going to keep that memory alive.

5-Goodbye boring Guestbooks, hello Scrapbooks!

If you look at your mother’s wedding guest book and ask her about the people who signed it. You’ll probably realize that she no longer remembers half of them, and that is more common than you might think.

Having a photo booth Ottawa guest/scrapbook is a great idea to help you remember every person who signed your book even after many years, because you will be able to see their picture next to their comment. (& not any picture, probably a hilarious one). Also comments written in a photo booth Toronto type guest book tend to be less formal, more natural & fun. So you’d enjoy looking at your guestbook for many years guaranteed!

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